Mrs. Charming

Mrs. Charming is a major recurring character in the Little Charmers series. She is Hazel's mother and the Enchantress of Charmville, a very powerful female mage with an authority role in the city. She is a talented user of magic, beyond a mere Charmer.

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Hazel's mother is a tall adult woman with fair-skin and olive eyes. She wears light red lipstick and pinkish eyeshadow, and has long dark raspberry hair pulled up in a bun with her bangs brushed to the side. She is depicted in a pale, lilac blouse and skirt with pearl buttons, necklace, and earrings.

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While powerful in magic, Hazel's mother sometimes prefers to learn and work without it. She is aware that magic will not solve everything, even if it comes in handy, and is trying hard to pass the advice onto Hazel so that she does not grow relient on it. She is very loving towards her family and very wise.

While her husband and her daughter may get into antics, she seems to be the voice of reason in the family and will do what she can to help them. Although she seems to also enjoy teasing them a little every now and then.

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She graduated from Charmer to Enchantress at one point and got married at another, it is unclear which happened first.

A Charming Outfit Edit Edit

Here she bonds with Hazel by watching a movie that she favored as a child. While Hazel did not have much interest in the film, she decided it was time to pass along a very special dress made to imitate the one in the movie, as she really loved it. She revealed to Hazel that it had special magical properties that she had to unlock in order to see it's appeal, but refused to help Hazel since it was something she had to do on her own.

Quotes Edit Edit

  • "Sparkly dreams."
  • "Do not hazel anything, I'm going to fix this."
  • "I have places to go and people to enchant."
  • "Pixie perfect."

Trivia Edit Edit

  • When she was little, her favorite movie was Pixie's In Pink. As an adult however, she has admitted that it was somewhat "Unicorny", but remains special to her.
  • She is indicated to be some form of royalty as her husband refers to her having a "royal stamp"[1].

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