(Theme Song)

Little Charmers are so sweet, got magic powers that can't be beat.

Always in the mood to cast a spell, never really know if it will go well.  

Little Charmers oh so strong, trying so hard to do no wrong. 

Little Charmers sing along!

Go Lavender!

Go Posie!

Go Hazel!

sparkle up and wave your wand, always be ready for what's beyond.

Little Charmers sing along!

Everyday is looking up cause, best friends never let you down. 

Our magic may not always be perfect, but when we're having fun it's all worth it!  

Little Charmers! (giggle)

Title: "Adventures of the Little Charmers"

(Hazel and Seven comes in as Hazel waves her wand and makes the episode entitled "Snow to Go") 

Hazel Narrating: Snow to Go. 

Seven: Meow. 

(The episode started on a hot day in Charmville. Seven, Treble and Flare are wearing sunglasses and sipping on lemonade) 

Seven: (Sipping on the lemonade) Meow. 

Treble: (Sipping on the lemonade) Woo. 

Flare: (Sipping on the lemonade) Tee ha ha ha. 

Seven: Meow meow meow meow meow meow. 

Treble: Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo. 

Flare: (Chattering) Ah-tea yah oh wa ma co. (Suddenly snow is starting to come down from the sky) 

Seven: Mreow? 

Treble: Hoo? 

Flare: Brrrr...! Ohhh wa ma co. 

Seven: Mo mo mreow! 

Treble: Hoo hoo hoo hoo. 

Flare: Ha ho ha hee. (Seven and Treble gathered round Flare to keep her warm before the door opens and somebody called their pets) 

Hazel: Seven!! Treble!! Flare!! Come inside, It's snowing!! (Seven, Treble and Flare does what Hazel tells them to do as the wand spins around zooming in and out as we cut to inside Hazel's house) 

Seven: Phew. 

Hazel: Boy that snow is really coming down fast. It's like a blizzard in the middle of the weather. 

Posie: It's a good thing it didn't froze our pets. That'll be a disaster. 

Lavender: Poor Flare. I hate to say this but... Dragons like Flare don't like the cold. 

Flare: (Chattering) Brr...! 

Posie: (Checks the Spellipedia mirror phone) But according to Spellipedia, the blizzard snow storm will stop until you dress up your pet something for them to warm up. 

Hazel: Good thing I have just the spell. (Takes out the wand) Hidden somewhere in my room, find something that Flare should wear let it zoom! (Zaps her wands with magic as it headed toward Hazel's bedroom and it zapped the little winter clothes and they flew all the way out of the room and toward the kitchen and lands on the floor) 

Flare: Gi-yaah!! (Runs toward her winter clothes and puts it on) 

Treble: Hoot-hoot! (Flies toward her winter clothes and puts it on) 

Seven: Maaaoooow! (Walks toward his winter clothes and puts it on) 

Lavender: Good thinking, Hazel. Their winter clothes will keep them warm from the snow storm. 

Hazel: Thanks and I didn't hazel things up this time. 

Posie: Looks like we better do something about this snow storm and what's causing it to fall. 

Lavender: We should leave our pets here and let them have some wintertime fun. 

Seven: Meow! 

Treble: Woo! 

Flare: (Chattering) 

Hazel: To the charmhouse! (The flower spins around zooming in and out as we cut to Seven, Treble and Flare playing around in the snow wearing winter clothes) 

Seven: Mreow! 

Treble: Hoo hoo hoo! 

Flare: Ai-hee-hee-hee-yeah-oh-ho! 

Seven: (Jumps on the pile of show) Mo mo mreow! 

Treble: Woo!! (Throws the snow in the air) 

Flare: Ge-yeah!! (She throws a snowball into the air) 

Seven, Treble and Flare: (Lay on the snow and make their snow angels then stands up and see their snow angels) 

Seven: Meow meow! [Ta-da!] 

Treble: Hoot-hoot. Hoo hoo hoo! 

Flare: Eee-gaah mama ooh wee. (Then they heard somebody chirping and calling for help and the three charming pets went to see who it was) 

Seven: Meow? (It was the red and blue birds who are getting cold) 

Red Bird: [Chirping translation; "Help! We're cold and we can't fly from all that snow!"] 

Blue Bird: [Chirping translation; "We need something to warm us up!" "Will you help us, Cat, Owl and Dragon?"] 

Seven: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. ["Sure, if there's anything we want to do for you birds."] 

Treble: Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo. ["We know just the charmers who will warm you birds up."] 

Flare: [Chattering translation; "Hazel, Posie and Lavender are back at the charmhouse. We'll take you there!"] 

Red Bird and Blue Bird: [Chirping translations; "That would be great!"] 

Seven: Meow meow meow meow! ["To the charmhouse!"] (He, Treble, Flare, Red Bird and Blue Bird put their paws and wings together as they head to the charmhouse)