(Our story begins in the place called Greendale. Here we see a bird flying into the sky chirping then we pan all the way down to see the people of Greendale having a relaxing time a man riding a bike greets the bird as he moves along)

Sabrina Narrating: (Sighs) Another perfect peaceful day here in Greendale. (A man who was riding the bike delivers the newspaper to the guy by throwing it as the man opens the door from his house picks it up and waves goodbye to the guy) The sun is shining, kids are playing, And Teenagers get to hang out. As for me... I deserve to live in the human world.

Salem: (Sees Sabrina reading the book of spells and then tells her) Meow! Pfft Pfft Pfft. Purr.

Sabrina: Oh thanks. I guess.

Salem: Meow. (Turns the page to lesson 2.5 of using the magic wand to become not a half witch but a full fledged teenage witch)

Bunny Rabbit: (Sniffs it's nose)

Sabrina: What is it, bunny?

Bunny Rabbit: (Sniff it's nose as it points to the carrot)

Sabrina: You want this?

Bunny Rabbit: (Shook it's head yes as Sabrina hands the carrot to it as it hops off with it as Salem chases the rabbit)

Sabrina: (Sighs happily)

Sabrina Narrating: Yep. All my life it turned out to be pretty perfect. All except for me and my... (Hilda and Zelda Spellman arrived while in the car) Aunt Hilda! Aunt Zelda!

Hilda: Sabrina!! We got good news and some great news! Good news is... We just got ourselves a big promotion from Enchantra and got ourselves as a Co-Full Fledged Enchantresses!

Sabrina: Awesome!! (Hugs Hilda and Zelda by spinning around) What's the great news?

Zelda: We're moving!!!

Sabrina: (Got surprised as she got hit in the head by a soccer ball as we go to the theme song)

(Theme Song)

Little Charmers are so sweet, got magic powers that can't be beat.

Always in the mood to cast a spell, never really know if it will go well.  

Little Charmers oh so strong, trying so hard to do no wrong. 

Little Charmers sing along!

Go Lavender!

Go Posie!

Go Hazel!

sparkle up and wave your wand, always be ready for what's beyond.

Little Charmers sing along!

Everyday is looking up cause, best friends never let you down. 

Our magic may not always be perfect, but when we're having fun it's all worth it!  

Little Charmers! (giggle)

Title: "Adventures of the Little Charmers"

(Hazel and Seven comes in as Hazel waves her wand and makes the episode entitled "Sabrina Comes to Charmville")

Hazel: (Narrating the title) "Sabrina Comes to Charmville".

Seven: Meow.

(Fade to where it all began on the place called Charmville. At Hazel's House, Hazel is reading a special storybook to her pet cat Seven while wearing in Pajamas and in bed)

Hazel: And then one half witch will have to gather every single magic with her magic wand in her hand.

Seven: Meooooow.

Hazel: What do think will happen next, Seven? We'll soon find out to see when will it happen before we meet her in the morning.

Seven: Meoooow.

Hazel: (Giggles) I know what you mean. (She closes the book and puts it away and fell fast asleep in her bed and so does Seven. The next morning, Hazel and Seven went down the stairs to breakfast with her Mom and Dad) Morning, Mom. Morning, Dad.

Hazel's Mom: Good Morning, Hazel.

Hazel's Dad: Well good morning, Hazel.

Seven: Maaaoooow!

Hazel's Mom: Better get ready. We have new comers coming to visit.

Hazel: Who is it?

Hazel's Dad: (Giggles) You'll see. (Then the doorbell rang as Mrs. Charming answers the door and there stood The Spellmans and of course Salem the Black Cat)

Hilda: Hello hello!

Zelda: We're the Spellman Family. I'm Zelda and this is Hilda and our daughter Sabrina and her pet cat Salem.

Hazel's Mom: Welcome to Charmville, Madams. I'm Hazel's Mom the Enchantress.

Hazel's Dad: And I'm Hazel's Father.

Hazel's Mom: Oh and this our daughter and little charmer Hazel and her pet cat Seven.

Hazel: Hi.

Seven: Meeeeeoooooow!

Salem: Say...! I'd never realized your a cat too. Only smaller and the color purple.

Seven: Purrrrrr...

Hazel: Seven, you and Salem look a like. I knew you would make a friend.

Seven: Meow?

Salem: Speak for yourself.

Sabrina: Hi there.

Hazel: Oh uh... Never noticed you and your family. What do I say I show you around the place and meet the charmers and best friends of mine.

Sabrina: Sounds good. (The star circles around and zooms in and out as we cut to the place called Charmville as Hazel shows Sabrina around and introduced herself even Seven and Salem)

Hazel: My name is Hazel. I'm quite of a Little Charmer in training.

Sabrina: I'm Sabrina. I'm only half witch. So... I use a couple of spells to be a full fledged witch. But I mess up every time.

Hazel: Really? So do I. I can't wait for you to meet Lavender and Posie along with their pets; Treble and Flare. Ooh. And here they come now. (Posie, Lavender, Treble and Flare arrived with their Broomies)

Lavender: Hi, Hazel.

Posie: Hey, Hazel.

Treble: Hooooooo!

Flare: Kgaaaah!!

Seven: Meoooow!! (He, Treble and Flare played together while holding their paws and wings together while dancing around)

Lavender: Say, who's that with you?

Hazel: This is Sabrina. Our new best friend who just moved here.

Sabrina: Hey, Charmers.

Posie: Oh hi. My name is Posie. A charmer with lots of music. Pleasure to meet you.

Lavender: And I'm Lavender. I'm a Charmer of science. With potions and spells. Oh and these are our pets; Treble and Flare.

Treble: Wooooo! Wooo... Woo! Woo! Woo!

Flare: Ga-ha!! Ai-hee-ha!!

Seven: Meow.

Salem: (To Treble and Flare) Your pets too? Ha. Imagine that. I always knew three pets must stick together.

Seven: Mreeoooow.

Hazel: I guess we can continue on the tour. What do you say we head on over to the place called Frog Pond. That's where all the frogs live. Even Prince Ferg.

Sabrina: Let's do it. (And so Hazel, Posie and Lavender along with their pets Seven, Treble and Flare and even Sabrina and Salem headed toward Frog Pond to see if they could find Prince Ferg in his frog form wearing a crown on his head)

Hazel: And this here is where the frogs live. Usually one of these frogs is Prince Ferg. He's the one that is wearing a crown on his head.

Posie: Keep an eye out for any sign of him wearing a crown on his head.

Lavender: I see him. (Prince Ferg is hopping toward the pond practicing his leaps)

Sabrina: That's him all right.

Seven: Meooow.

Prince Ferg: (Croaks and then catches flies with his tongue twist)

Hazel: We know exactly what to do. We'll use our wands to sparkle up and cast the spell in a single charming motion like we always do.

Lavender: It's our catchphrase.

Posie: And our thing to say.

Sabrina: Really? Show me, Charmers.

Hazel: Oh we will. You're really gonna love this part. Sparkle up, Charmers! (The Charmers Sparkle up) We wave our wands!

Posie: We play our wands!

Lavender: We pour our special potions!

Hazel, Posie and Lavender: We sparkle up and cast the spell in a single charming motion!! Sparkle up, Charmers!! (Then Hazel says her spell)

Hazel: Butterfly flutter by flippity fly amazed that with a big surprise! (Then a Flying Lip appears as it flew down toward Prince Ferg and kissed him turning him into a prince)

Prince Ferg: Whew. Finally. Somebody has to use that butterfly kiss. Hey girls. Say, who's that with you?

Hazel: Prince Ferg, this is Sabrina. And she just moved here all the way from Greendale.

Sabrina: Pleasure to meet ya, Sabrina.

Prince Ferg: I always wanted to see a teenage witch right in front of my eyes.

Salem: Meow.

Prince Ferg: Who's that?

Sabrina: Him? Oh that's just my pet cat Salem.

Prince Ferg: Salem. What a lovely name.

Posie: Well we got the spell right. Now that we notice Sabrina was here, what should we do with her?

Seven: Maaaoooow.

Treble: Woo.

Flare: Ka-ha-ha!

Hazel: First things first! Show her around Charm School. (Bow tie spins around and zooms in and out as we cut to Charm School where the Charmers shows Sabrina around the place outside of Charm School)

Sabrina: So this is the school you girls go too?

Lavender: That's right.

Posie: This is where we practice our magic with our wands.

Hazel: Everyone comes here. Even the children.

Prince Ferg: Not everyone. Like this one time, Frogs don't come here often but I'm still not a full fledged prince quite yet.

Seven: Purrrrr.

Sabrina: This could use a little witch magic. (She took out her wand and waves around and spell up some decorations around Charm School with a bunch of papered pumpkins, ghosts, bats and cats)

Treble: Woo?

Flare: Ga-ha-kah-ree-taa!

Seven: Maroooow!

Salem: Hey I think the decorations think would be perfect for Enchantra.

Sabrina: There.

Hazel: Impressive. Who would've known you have a wand like that.

Sabrina: Witch School. It's a Teenage Witch thing.

Posie: You're a Teenage Witch.

Lavender: All the way from witch school?

Hazel: Snapdragons! Why didn't you say so in the first place?

Sabrina: Not everyone is impressed with magic. The truth is... I am only half teenager and half witch. I was in witch school taught by a teacher named Enchantra. The wicked and most powerful witch in all of Witch World.

Salem: She knows the truth.

Seven: Mreooooow.

Flare: (Chattering)

Treble: Hoooooo.

Hazel: Charm huddle! (She, Posie and Lavender did so) Girls, Sabrina is only half witch and half teenager.

Posie: What should we do?

Lavender: Maybe she needs some charming training.

Hazel: That's it! Charmazing idea, Lavender! To the Charmhouse! Sabrina's gonna need our help! (Fade to the Charmhouse for the song)

Come along, and fly with us

a-up to the Charmhouse everyone

Come on!

It's where, the fun never ends

It's all about the magic of best friends!

Charmers: To the charm house! (Now we fade to the inside of the Charmhouse as Hazel, Lavender and Posie helped Sabrina about being a charmer in training)

Sabrina: Wow. Look at this place. This is where you girls hang out and try to do spells with?

Hazel: If you want to be a full fledged charmer, Sabrina, You must need some Charmers clothes and outfit.

Sabrina: Charmer clothes huh?

Hazel: But first... we'll need your magic witch wand.

Sabrina: Okay. (Hands Hazel her wand)

Lavender: We're going to put your wand into our Cauldron. (Does so as she put inside the alive Cauldron filled with potions)

Posie: And add a few little charms. (Plays her magical flute making music to charm up Sabrina's wand)

Hazel: And add a few hazel things. (Does so as she waves her magic wand)

Sabrina: How long is this going to take to charm my wand?

Hazel: Trust us. Our magic may not always be perfect.

Lavender: But when we have that fun is all worth it.

Posie: That's right.

Seven: Meow?

Treble: Woo?

Flare: Ga-ha-ha?

Lavender: And... it... is... done! (Took out Sabrina's wand that is now a charmazing wand for Sabrina to hold onto)

Sabrina: Wow...! It's...

Posie: Absolutely Charmazing and beautiful?

Sabrina: Charmazing and Awesome!

Hazel: Go on! Give it a whirl!

Sabrina: I will. (Does so as she wave her new charming wand by changing her witch clothes to her new charming outfit) How do I look?

Lavender: Sabrina, you got style!

Posie: You rock this charmazing outfit, girl!

Hazel: Oh. But one other thing. (Took out Sabrina's witch broom) What should we do if everyone sees you're a witch riding a broom like that?

Sabrina: No problem. (Waves her charming wand by changing her witch broom to her new charmazing Broomie) There. No one will ever know. What do you say we give this a test run! (She gets on her new Broomie and rode it all the way outside while flying it along with Salem)

Posie: Sabrina, wait!

Lavender: We haven't show you how to ride it just like we do.

Hazel: Looks like we better show her how to ride her broomie better than we do. (Three Little Charmers call out their broomies)

Hazel, Posie and Lavender: Broomie!! (Hazel got her Broomie. Posie got her Broomie and Lavender got her Broomie and they all do their poses and started to fly out of the Charmhouse to catch up to Sabrina along with Seven, Treble and Flare)

Hazel: Sabrina, a good charmer needs to ride on their broomies since your new to this charming thing.

Posie: As long as they all stick together as best friends.

Lavender: They're right. Besides the sun's going down which means Prince Ferg will turn back into a frog any minute.

Hazel: We've got this one. You tell you're aunts how Charmazing looks you got on the bag.

Sabrina: All right. Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda will freak what I am wearing this outfit. (Flies her broomie all the way back to Hazel's house while the three Little Charmers along with their pets find Prince Ferg and take him back to the pond as the flower spins around and zooms in and out by cutting back to Hazel's House before Sabrina told her aunts about the charmazing adventures they had) And then... I discovered around the place and I met this frog named Prince Ferg the one with a crown then they showed me around Charm School and the Charmhouse and now I even got a charming new Wand and a Broomy.

Hilda: A Broomy? Oh my!

Zelda: And a Charming Wand?

Hilda: Sabrina, how do you come up with those charming things?

Sabrina: It just came to me. (Then the three Little Charmers arrived home where Sabrina and Salem are with Sabrina's aunts Hilda and Zelda)

Hazel: Okay. The sun has set. Prince Ferg is back to his frog form and we're about to go to do a little Charm Scouting by tomorrow morning.

Posie: And we did it on time without even hazel things up this time.

Lavender: Too bad our pets can't come to the Charm Scout outside tomorrow. We need to leave them where they can play outside together.

Seven: Meow.

Treble: Hoo hoo.

Flare: Ai-Key-Ha-Ha-Ho-Ho-Ho!

Hilda: So I guess we'll be living here from now on. And everybody back in Greendale will come here and move here.

Zelda: They have a lot of unpacking to do and so will we.

Sabrina: I guess this is going to be the best day in Charmville ever.

Hazel: You said it, girlfriend! Now come on. What do you say we get started unpacking everything before you moved here! (And so they did as Hazel, Posie, Lavender, Sabrina, Seven, Treble, Flare and Salem started unpacking everything without using their magic wands but by using their hands and paws. Even Mrs. Charming and Mr. Charming is impressed)

Mr. Charming: Did we miss something?


(End Credits)


"TREEHOUSE A Curious Entertainment Company"